The Latest Interior Design Trends

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There are several changes coming to interior design in 2024 that mix up textures in a way that creates visual interest. Additionally, blending the old into the new is a trend that is popular for interior designers.

Below are a few of the newest design trends for 2024:


By using unique color pairings, experts predict 2024 to be a year of personalization like never before. Moving away from stark white to cozy and warm neutrals, the home environment can be more welcoming. Mixing patterns and textures, designers can create a layered look to add depth and dimension to home design.

From Gray to Brown

As we move from stark whites, another trend will see designs trending from gray to brown. Not only will this be seen in fabrics and textiles but also in cabinetry. Color schemes that incorporate warm neutrals, such as beiges, creamy off-whites and rich browns, are becoming popular.

Vogue wrote an article about the popularity of Latte Dressing. This trend of wearing outfits that echo the shades of the morning latte is making its way into interior design.

Tile Backsplash

While designers are installing a slab of stone or quartz behind the range or countertop, they are keeping the surrounding backsplash in tile to create a mix of color and texture.

Adding Texture

In the past, the trend blended the lines between countertops and cabinets. In 2024, adding contrast beneath island countertops, bathroom vanities and dining room tables can create visual texture and interest.

Bold and Blue 

In 2023, blue color schemes are a hot trend. Several paint companies have chosen shades of blue as their 2024 Color of the Year, from Benjamin Moore’s bright “Blue Nova” to Sherwin-Williams’ softer “Upward.” From sky-inspired hues or a deep watery blue color, we will see an array of blues featured prominently in decorative materials and housewares.

Old and New

The trend is also blending the old with the new. Even modern homes are incorporating ‘old’ elements, such as brick, handmade clay tiles, rustic wood elements and arches that offer ‘quiet luxury.’ These older looks can create a subtle statement when mixed into more modern designs.

Semi-Custom Cabinets

Following the trend of personalization, handmade tiles and custom bathroom vanities are featured in 2024. Many people are moving away from the cookie-cutter cabinetry and vanities toward a design that is more custom or semi-custom in favor of uniqueness.

Appliance Storage

Homeowners are removing appliances from countertops with clever storage solutions that tuck them away. An ‘appliance garage’ can store appliances such as the air fryer, coffee makers and blenders with a sliding cabinet or specialized cabinetry.

Reinventing Herringbone

Herringbone patterns are making a comeback, but with a twist. The normal horizontal pattern is being traded for kitchen and bathroom designs that are diagonal and vertical. This creates an updated look that adds visual interest, movement and texture.

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